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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Charlotte at Christian's house again!!!!! 

Today Charlotte came to my house again, WOW! We were all so excited when we heard she was coming again. Mostly Mum, she was so happy she took us all to FatDog.  

Even though Charlotte didn't like the sound of the cafe, she took it pretty well. And thought she might as well take pictures of everything she saw, so she did...

 We then went home, and watched a movie. But Charlotte was a bit over-excited because she got up so close to the screen, no one else could see!

 After watching a movie, Christian showed her some more things she didn't see here last week.

Plates, necklaces, and pumpkins....PUMPKINS?!?

  Christian even showed her cool green draws she had when she was 1 year old, with "love" and an apple logo sticker on it.
Then, after a long day they went to bed! 

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Charlotte visit laurence place

Charlotte visited  Laurence's place, to take a photo.   She had
 fun at Laurence's house and Charlotte  enjoyed Laurence's place. Charlotte could have look at Laurence's house. Charlotte was happy when Charlotte visit on Laurence house and Charlotte smell good when Laurence take Charlotte.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Charlotte goes to Jessica's house

Yesterday I went to Jessica's house. I snuggled up with her puss, Sparkles. I think he really liked me! Jessica took me to her neighbors house and asked if I could go in their ambulance. I was really excited when they said yes! She showed me all her toys and I made a new friend, Spicy. He's a toy dog just like me! Jessica showed me their garden, it was really pretty!

WOW!!! These teddy bears are so soft!

This is Spicy the dog and Sparkles the very very fat cat!

These pink flowers smell soo beautiful!Mmm...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Charlotte goes to Charlotte's house

Hello Everyone! I just got back from visiting my namesake, Charlotte. I started off by snuggling up with two of Charlotte's cat's kittens. After that, I went with Charlotte for a little adventure in her gully, which is a large dip in the ground, and I had some fun hiding! I also stopped for a nap in Charlotte's rabbit's hutch.

Hey, this is cool! You think he would mind if I squeezed in for a nap??

Mmmm, they are so warm and cuddly!

Hehehe! I'm hiding!




                                                                       PHOTO TIME !!!  

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Charlotte's School Adventure

Today at morning tea Ashleigh and Caitlin took Charlotte for a tour of St Marys. Here are some photos:

                                                        Charlotte's built herself a bed!!
                                                       Charlotte has a milky morning tea!
                                                  Charlotte helps the builders..
                                                    Charlotte meets Mary, in a statue version..
                                                Who says dogs can't climb trees?
                                                   Charlotte plays on the slide..
                                                  ... and on the ladders!
                                             Charlotte think she's a bit small for this playground!
                                                    "Peek-a-boo!!" says Charlotte...
                                                     Charlotte's a bit tied up at the moment....
                                               Charlotte wants to play soccer too...
                                                 Charlotte wants to hang around!!
                                                   Charlotte learns how to fly..
                                                  ... and swim!!
                                                           Time for a rest!
                                                              Charlotte helps the builders...again!

    What a big day for a little dog! P.S: Did you notice that she's had a makeover?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Charlotte and Christian!!!

Today Charlotte went to Christians house, she also went to Rugby practice. She saw Christians little brother Caleb, train for his next Rugby game. She also got to meet Christian's Dad and Caleb's twin brother Che.


 Charlotte saw the tall Rugby posts, and got to see the Rugby practice in action. She was also really shocked how tough the practice was too. There was Tackle Bullrush, and some really complicated stretches!


After watching the great Rugby practice, Christian, Caleb, Che, and Charlotte went home to Christian's loving cat Breanna, who was so kind enough to give her a piggy back. But Charlotte was a bit too small to hang on.


Then Charlotte got to meet Christian's mother who came to pick up all of us. Then we went to Christian's other house a small bit outside Rotorua. Charlotte meet my other Cat, Pickles.


Then she found all the stuffed toys in Christian's room and reckoned it would go great on her blog, so Christian was talked into talking a picture of that adorable bunch! After a little chat with them, she meet a GIANT TEDDY BEAR called Mr Beary.


 They learned each other so well, that they dresses up in princess dresses, wigs,and also with their very own crowns, topped it off with lovely bracelets.


Charlotte came along to the most wonderful collection of masks! Sadly, she was a bit small for the masks to fit on her face!


WHAT AN ARTY HOUSE!!! Charlotte was amazed how arty everything was, there was things made out of everything! Beads, clay, material, pipe cleaners, wire, tin foil, and on and on and on!



WHAT A VIEW!!! Once Charlotte woke up, she went outside to find a great view, so we just had to take a picture. There was a big field covered in frost and a playground, and even horses in the back field! Then she looked even closer to find "Lake Rotorua." WOW!


Charlotte really enjoyed going to Christians houses, and the great Rugby practice!!! 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

About town with Grace

Charlotte came to the Rotorua Public Library with me last week. She was helping me put my books back.  At the public Library you can get a free card if you are a local so you can get books out for free at anytime. I have a library card because I live here in Rotorua. It was so cool having Charlotte. Last year they did up the Library and added on a very groovy Cafe.

By Grace

Charlotte Visits Darron's Place

Charlotte had a huge adventure visiting Darron's farm. They milk hundreds of cows, about half an hour south of Rotorua.
Charlotte met the chickens and the baby chicks, also one of the roosters. She got to chat to Hop the rabbit and toured around on the farm.
Darron goes on the school bus and Charlotte got to go too - she made a few friends!

In fact Charlotte has had a very busy time with a trip to Auckland, an evening out at the Waikato Magic Netball game and an adventure around town with Grace. More postings are coming!!