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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Charlotte at Christian's house again!!!!! 

Today Charlotte came to my house again, WOW! We were all so excited when we heard she was coming again. Mostly Mum, she was so happy she took us all to FatDog.  

Even though Charlotte didn't like the sound of the cafe, she took it pretty well. And thought she might as well take pictures of everything she saw, so she did...

 We then went home, and watched a movie. But Charlotte was a bit over-excited because she got up so close to the screen, no one else could see!

 After watching a movie, Christian showed her some more things she didn't see here last week.

Plates, necklaces, and pumpkins....PUMPKINS?!?

  Christian even showed her cool green draws she had when she was 1 year old, with "love" and an apple logo sticker on it.
Then, after a long day they went to bed! 

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