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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Charlotte's School Adventure

Today at morning tea Ashleigh and Caitlin took Charlotte for a tour of St Marys. Here are some photos:

                                                        Charlotte's built herself a bed!!
                                                       Charlotte has a milky morning tea!
                                                  Charlotte helps the builders..
                                                    Charlotte meets Mary, in a statue version..
                                                Who says dogs can't climb trees?
                                                   Charlotte plays on the slide..
                                                  ... and on the ladders!
                                             Charlotte think she's a bit small for this playground!
                                                    "Peek-a-boo!!" says Charlotte...
                                                     Charlotte's a bit tied up at the moment....
                                               Charlotte wants to play soccer too...
                                                 Charlotte wants to hang around!!
                                                   Charlotte learns how to fly..
                                                  ... and swim!!
                                                           Time for a rest!
                                                              Charlotte helps the builders...again!

    What a big day for a little dog! P.S: Did you notice that she's had a makeover?

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